Advanced training methods

Exercises, Muscle Building, Splitting Workouts 8 September 2023

There is a huge range of sets that can be utilised during an exercise. Many people are aware of straight sets. But there are many other training methods to utilise. Below, we’ll explain advanced set techniques for better session results.


Performing an exercise set immediately after a different exercise set. There’s little to no rest between exercises, only to transition to the next one People do this type of set to save time. Typically supersets target different muscle groups.
There are two sub- categories of supersets.

Antagonist super set

A technique that involves pairing exercises that target opposing muscle groups. The goal of an antagonist superset is to work on muscles that have have opposite functions in a back-to-back manner. This approach can enhance workout efficiency and is believed to contribute to improved muscle balance and coordination..
For example first performing a bicep exercise then performing a tricep exercise straight after.

Switch between exercises targeting opposing muscles to minimize rest and maximize workout efficiency. This can be a great way to stimulate muscle growth and improve overall muscular balance.o

Pre-exhaust super set

This technique pairs two exercises for the same muscle group, starting with an isolation exercise followed by a compound exercise. The idea behind a pre-exhaust superset is to “pre-exhaust” the target muscle with an isolation exercise and then immediately follow it with a compound exercise.

The concept behind a pre-exhaust superset is to fatigue the target muscle with the isolation exercise, making it work harder during the compound exercise that follows. This is a useful technique to add variety to your workout routine and stimulate muscle growth.

Tri set

A tri set involves performing three different exercises for the same muscle group or related muscle groups consecutively with little to no rest in between.

A tri sets main goal is to intensify the workout and challenge muscles with high-volume work in a short time. By performing three exercises back-to-back without rest, you can increase muscle fatigue and potentially stimulate muscle growth and strength.
Tri-sets are used to increase the intensity of a workout and promote muscle growth and endurance. This technique is often employed by bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts to challenge their muscles and keep their workouts varied and effective.

Giant sets

A giant set is an advanced weight training technique, involving consecutive exercises for a muscle group with minimal rest. Unlike super or tri sets, it can include four or more exercises

The goal of a giant set is to intensify a workout by overloading the targeted muscles and maximizing fatigue. People often use it to push limits and stimulate muscle growth. In a giant set, exercises are chosen to target different aspects of the muscle group(s) or multiple muscle groups comprehensively

Pyramid training

Pyramid training is a weightlifting or strength training technique that involves gradually increasing or decreasing the weight lifted and/or the number of repetitions performed within a set for a specific exercise. There are two common variations of pyramid training:

We hope this helps you add variation to your workouts. Visit our YouTube channel where we’ll demonstrate each type of set.

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